1967 in men’s tennis

Open. The previous year there were four different players that won Grand Slam Tournaments. Emerson refused to disappoint those people that were expecting him to come through in the Australian Open. While Stolle and Santana would have liked to get another Grand Slam in that tournament, this would not be their year. He had never won a Grand Slam coming into the season, but it was clear by his play in the next tournament that he would have what it took to win. The tournament had been won by a different player in each of the previous 5 seasons. While they all had success in the tournament previously, none of them were able to come through again in 1967. This tournament was very much open to whoever wanted it most. He marched through the tournament en route to winning the first Grand Slam of his career. Emerson came out with fire and managed to take home his second Grand Slam of the season. He had a great track record for winning Grand Slams and was the dominant player in the Australian Open on a yearly basis. Those players were Roy Emerson, Manuel Santana, Tony Roche and Fred Stolle. That man was named John Newcombe. All at once John Newcombe grabbed the attention of the men’s tennis world.

There was one person that had something to say about the idea of Emerson sweeping the Grand Slams. This would be the first of many for Newcombe, who would finish with 7 Grand Slams when all was said and done.

This being said, there was certainly one player that stood out from the other two. This year looked like it could be a year where Emerson would come out and win all of the Grand Slam tournaments.

Coming into the 1967 season for men’s tennis most people were looking towards three players to provide the excitement for the world. This stellar play would be enough for him to win the Australian Open for the 5th consecutive year.

The last tournament would be the U.S. Coming into the 1967 season Emerson had won the Australian Open for 4 consecutive seasons.

While many thought this would be the year for Emerson to take over, they did not realize that this would be the year for Emerson to be over. He never would win another Grand Slam after winning the French Open. He came out and played a fantastic tournament. Instead the tournament was won by John Newcombe. That victory was the 12th and final Grand Slam of his career.

The next Grand Slam would be the French Open. Each of those players had won Grand Slam tournaments in each of the previous two years.. Fred Stolle, Emerson and Santana were all among those players that had won it within the past 5 seasons. That player was definitely Roy Emerson. Of these players Santana, Emerson and Stolle were the playesr that most people were watching. This tournament was won by Stolle, Santana and Emerson in the previous three years

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