Barcelona (FCB) 2012 Title Predictions

Barcelona will remain hard to beat at home, but can be suspect away from home especially if they rest key players.

Regardless I am still looking forward to seeing the magic of Messi and this powerhouse team right through to the end of the season.and a win against Valencia in the next week!

The focus for the remainder of the year is on the Champions League and hopefully raising the Spanish Cup as well in May. Messi had a difficult night, but his goal in the second half was a brilliant conversion of a pinpoint Dani Alves pass.

Providing that Barcelona can stay fit and can get back key players from injury there is enough talent in this team to take the title again. Away from home Barcelona may prove to offer some good value for money in odds depending on how the first leg of the draw went.. Champions League

As demonstrated overnight this is the #1 priority for Barcelona. As defending champions in the worlds most lucrative league there is a major incentive for Barca to take the title.

The 1-3 win over Bayern Leverkusen was a gusty effort from the team and showed elements of the brilliance that we expect from Barcelona. It was be pleasing for Guardiola to have some of the best players in the world who know how to play as a team and such a strong bench that includes home grown junior players like Issac Lopez.


For those who like to have a small punt on Soccer I think that Barcelona will remain suspect in La Liga games through to the end of the season

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