In New York, the governor is pushing for the legalization of casino gambling. According to a 2010 Morgan Stanley report, analysts said that allowing Internet gambling could bring in $5 billion. Image credit: Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images Rick Bronson, chairman of U.S. Steve Beshear is pushing for expanded gambling in his state. … Digital Gaming, said […]

This record came in the form of the largest win ever in bitcoin to the tune of 150 BTC. This is worth a little over $85,000, which is a sizable enough win itself, but the fact that it was won in the most popular cryptocurrency is a pretty big deal on its own. Details on […]

Online Gambling, Casinos to 'Sweep' U.S. in 2012

… And in Illinois, there are hopes that online tickets will increase sales for the lottery. . “All we’re seeing is every single state proposing more and more legal gambling. He said online gaming would likely bring more visitors to casinos. He said that youth were already gambling online and that the industry was not […]

Make Bets That Assure You A Win

Website offering betting tips have plethora of tips along with a statistical analysis that guides you and let you focus on the certainty of the bets at stake. Losing with a small amount will not be a disaster,you can easily make other bets with more excitement and fun. Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com Online-betting.me.uk provides all information […]

NFL - Odds - Yahoo Sports

This means you risk $100 to win $105 if your team covers the spread. In the right circumstance, where you have a small underdog, you can get a very similar bet by risking less and also get a bigger payout by going the moneyline route. Total It is also widely known as the over/under and, […]

Horse Racing: Pictures, Videos, Breaking News

Kentucky’s native spirit, bourbon, is proudly boosted around the region. “Here, hold the horse,” said the aging groom. You just might begin to understand why the rich, famous and enlightened love it. Photographer, writer, philanthropist, retired hedge fund manager Author of European travel guidebooks and host of travel shows on public television and public radio […]

The “secret” To Picking Horse Race Winners

You will already have the advantage that you need and that is no secret. Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com There is one way that you can improve your chance of finding winners and making your horse race gambling profitable. Therefore it makes sense top specialise in one area such as flat racing, national hunt or all weather […]

Horse Racing – CNN World Sport

Seabisquik was also in the mix. Photo by Felipe Barral While it’s probably not the classiest name around, it does prove that for all the money and time spent on trying to breed the perfect racehorse, sometimes it’s just down to luck. California Chrome, the flashy chestnut colt, was the focus of intense pre-race attention […]

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